About Us

iTradeIMEX originally started as as a Chicago based EMC, ETC, Distribution and Trading company. As our business started expanding in overseas market mainly in Southeast Asia, We opened an office as well as distribution network with sale, marketing and procurement resources in India.


When we say we are your overseas trading partner, we truely mean it. We offer international sales & distribution services to the manufacturers without any investment or resources from their side.


We have proven expertise in the Southeast Asian market with sales & distribution office in India, but we can also handle other parts of the world from our India office. Our vision from beginning was to support the American and European companies to market their advanced specialty products in foreign countries. At present, iTradeIMEX helps several American and European manufacturers to distribute their food ingredients as well as industrial non-durable goods in countries like India and other parts of the world.


We provide following Benefits to the Manufacturer to build overseas sales:

(1) We help to conduct the market study for the products & services to make sure that those products and services are viable in overseas market.

(2) Manufacturers & Suppliers do not have to allocate any resources or investment for international sales & distribution.

(3) International sales become as easy as domestic sales. We will take care of every step of international sales, marketing, distribution and account receivable if any.

(4) In most cases, Manufacturers & Suppliers will invoice us and then we hold the title of the goods and manage to ship the products to overseas and stock, sell and distribute.

(5) We provide the pre-sale and post-sale technical support and services to clients. But, sometimes we need to coordinate with manufacturers for further technical help or address the product related issues. Because, ultimately it is their product and they need to stand behind the quality and technical support.


We are always striving to become more than a full service trading and distribution company as well as continuing to be a professional resource for our clients. To meet and exceed these goals, we continue to dedicate ourselves to our clients and to further expand our knowledge and experience.