Dairy Ingredients

We have established ourselves as an eminent organization, engaged in Trading, Exporting & Importing Dairy Ingredients which are highly appreciated by our valuable clients.

Gum & Whey Product

We are involved in trading, exporting and importing of this product according to the need and demand of customer.


* Acid/Low pH Stability
* Fiber Enrichment
* Low Fat
* Shear Stability
* Smooth Texture Viscosifier

Lactose For Dairy Product

Our products make great products creamier and smoother than ever. From Yogurt, Desserts, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese & Cottage Cheese to baby foods, Penford natural and modified starches add stability and produce perfect textures. Controls crystal growth, texture. More cost-efficient alternative to casein and other imitation cheese ingredients.


* Acid/Low pH Stability
* Low Fat Shear Stability Smooth Texture Viscosifier (Cold)
* Ice Cream Creamy Mouth feel
* Fiber Enrichment
* Low Fat Pudding (Cook-Up)
* Creamy Mouth feel
* Low Fat Smooth Texture Viscosifier (Hot) Pudding (Instant)
* Creamy Mouth feel Low Fat Viscosifier (Cold)
* Cheese and Cream Sauce (Cook Up) Creamy Mouth feel Freeze/Thaw Stability
* Low Fat Cheese and Cream Sauce (Instant)
* Creamy Mouth feel Low Fat

Cheese Mor Blends


* More Convenient & cost effective
* Improves textural and physical characteristics compared to casein-based products
* Reduces cost of imitation cheese products
* Compatible with existing equipment and processing parameters
* Eliminates casein price volatility
* Convenient all in one blend for imitation & processed cheese products.