Gum & Hydrocolloids

We have established ourselves as an eminent organization, engaged in Trading, Exporting & Importing Gums & Hydrocolloids which are highly appreciated by our valuable clients.

Beverages Gum

Gum For Beverages uses as Acid resistant thickening and suspending agent in Beverages. When gum is applies in preparation of beverages it refreshes body and mouth feel, its viscosity remains under control, and ensures the longevity of the shelf-life.

Gum For Frozen Food

Our products are developed with excellent qualities for Gum For Frozen Food to give full bodied and heavy mouthfeel with good surface gloss.

Bakery Gum

We offer quality Gum for Bakery. It is used to help consumers lead long and healthy lives.


* Digestive Health Weight Management
* Low Glycemic Response Reduced Caloric
* Intake Specialty Diets
* Dietary Supplements Bars Bulking

Gum For Protein

Our Gum for Protein give you perfect texture, great crisping, and a smooth surface. They are widely used by our valuable clients.


* Fried Base Film Former Crisping Extended Hold Time Viscosity Control
* Baked Base Film Former Crisping
* Extended Hold Time Viscosity Control

Gum For Pasta & Noodles

We offer Gum for Pasta & Noodles. Our products are widely used by our valuable clients.


* Gluten-free Pasta Elasticity Improvement
* Fiber Enrichment Noodles (udon) Noodles (instant)

Gum For Salad

Our Gum for Salad products are designed to enhance the functional and nutritional properties of salad - safely, effectively and naturally.


* Dressings (Spoonable)
* Acid/Low Ph Stability Heat Resistant Thickener Dips/Spreads
* Acid/Low Ph Stability Freeze/Thaw Stability Thickener (Instant)

Gum For Soup

Gum for Soup is soluble in cold and hot water and this solution is not attacked by bacteria. It is protective colloid forming capacity results in emulsion stabilization.


* Soups Freeze/Thaw Stability Heat & Sheer Stability
* Low Ph Stability Retort Stability
* Smooth Texture Steamtable Stability Viscosifier (Cold) Sauces Freeze/Thaw Stability Heat & Shear Stability
* Low Fat Low Ph Stability Retort Stability Smooth Texture Steamtable Stability Viscosifier (Cold)
* Retort Stability Smooth Texture Viscosifier (Cold)

Agar Blend For Food Application

Agar is an excellent choice for application which require gel formation & moisture stabilization. They give:

* Forms Strong Gel
* High Melting Points
* Tasteless
* Gelatin Replacement
* Icing Stabilizer

Agar Applications are:

* Glaze and icing
* Piping gels
* Candies
* Baked goods
* Canned meat products
* Yogurt
* Cheese
* Wine clarification

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Carrageenan Blend For Food Application

Our Carrageenan blend is cold water soluble & that provides an instant smooth and creamy texture.


* All Natural
* Cold Soluble
* Increases Stability
* Instant Texture
* Protein Reactive
* Increases Freeze/Thaw Stability
* Fat Mimic
* Kosher Certified


* Whipped cream & milkshakes
* Smoothies & milkshakes
* Dressings & Sauces
* Dips & Spreads
* Frozen Pizza Crust

Fat Replacements In Food Application

Our Fat Replacements blends replace or reduce fat and maintain or improve the texture of your original Product


* Replace Fat
* Impart Texture
* Enhance mouthfeel,
* Add pliability,
* Increase Shelf life,
* Bind Moisture,
* Reduce Syneresis

Dairy Fat Replacer: It contains cellulose gel, konjac, sodium alginate & xanthan


* Bakery Products,
* Milkshakes,Mousse,
* Whipped cream,
* Custards,
* Creamy sauces,
* Chocolate chips,
* Blueberries,

Exp Fat Replacers: It contains innovative ingredient combinations to mimic


* Cheese sauces,
* Cheesecakes

Fenugreek Gum For Food Applications

Fenugreek gum is a purified galactomannan and gelling hydrocolloids, which is souble in cold water.


* All Natural
* Increase fiber content
* Binds moisture
* Adds texture
* Reduces staling
* Increase staling
* Increases freeze/Thaw stability
* Kosher certified


* Baked goods & breads
* Gravies & soups
* Dressings,sauces & dips
* Beverages
* Frozen foods
* Nutritional bars
* Meal replacement systems
* Nutritional beverages

Fenuxan Gum For Food Applications

Fenuxan Gum is an all natural synergistic blend of fenugreen gum & xanthan gum


* All Natural
* Gluten free
* Adds viscosity
* Adds suspension
* Provides texture
* Increases fiber content
* Kosher certified


* Dressings & sauces
* Gravies & soups
* Breads,Cakes & muffins
* Cookies
* Frozen products

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Nutritional Bar Formula

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Nutritional Bar formula for food


These blends are contain Gum arabic, Cellulose gel & Oat fiber. It is a specially formulaed balance of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers and is an excellent way of adding additional fiber to the diet.


* Nutritional Bar
* Adds soluble & insoluble fiber,
* Helps bind ingredients

Blends Of Gum Arabic & Sugarcane Fiber For Food

Blends Of Gum Arabic & Sugarcane Fiber For Food Applications.
These blend contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.


* Add soluble & insoluble fiber
* Does not add viscosity
* Blend of gum Arabic & Sugarcane fiber
* All natural


* Beverages,
* Dairy products
* Baked goods

Konjac Gum Blends

Konjac Blend has an extremely high viscosity & Short texture similar to starch


* All Natural
* Thickening Agent
* Reduce Ice Crystal Growth
* Fat Replacement
* Fiber Source
* Kosher Certified


* Veggle Patties
* Breads,Frozen products
* Dressings,Sauces & dips
* Pastas
* Beverages
* Nutritional beverages
* Nutritional bars

Hydro-FI Blends For Food Applications

Hydro-Fi blends is experience higher yield and improved ground meat


* Increase yield compared to negative control
* Enhanced texture-juicy ground meat with a good bite profile
* Resilient to freeze/thaw cycle-maintained moisture and no graininess

Pastry Cream Stabilizer For Food Application

Party Cream Stabilizer is a highly synergistic blend of modified starch,Tara Gum & Carrageenan.


* Smoother
* Less grainy texture
* White stabilizing proteins
* Cost effective blend
* Improve texture
* Mouthfeel
* Shelflife of partry creams
* Better flavor release


* Perfect for pastry creams
* Puddings
* Custards
* Cheesecake
* Other dairy based applications

Replace PGA Blend For Food Applications

Our blends contains different combination of different ingredients like Gum Arabic. Fenugreek Gum, Carrageenan & xanthan. Propylene Glyco Alginate (PGA) is a chemically modified alginate which is used primarily in high oil salad dressings for its emulsifying properties.


* 1:1 PGA Replacement
* Cost Effective
* Clean Label
* Natural
* High oil Emulsifier


* Dairy based dips and dressings

Carrageenan, Locust Bean Gum, Xanthan Gum Blend

Carrageenan, Locust Bean Gum, Xanthan & Konjac Gum Blend for Food Application
It can be used as a Thickening agent as well as a gelling agent. The gums in thses blend react synergistically to form a very elastic and strong gel after heating and cooling


* Unique blend of all natural gums
* Smooth texture with fat-like body
* Mouthfeel
* Non-thermo reversible gel
* Fat replacer
* Binding agent in meat analog type products
* Thickening agent


* Baked Goods
* Poultry
* Cream Cheese
* Meat Analogs
* Cheese Analogs
* Formed Foods
* Pet Foods
* Yogurt
* Jelly

Tara Gum Blend For Food Applications

Tara gum is a natural hydrocolloid obtained by a mechanical process from the endosperm of tara tree seeds
Tara gum is a galactomanan like guar & locust bean gum


* Suspends fruit
* Improves mouthfeel
* Adds texture
* Reduces syneresis
* Improves freeze/thaw stability in frozen products
* Increase moisture retention
* Improve sliceability
* Adds viscosity
* Suspension


* Fillings, fruit preps, jams & jellies,
* Baked goods
* Gluten free breads
* Frozen dough
* Ice cream
* Frozen desserts
* Cultured dairy products
* Custards & puddings,dips and spreads,
* Gravies,sauces & dressings
* Beverages & Meat based products

Xanthan Gum Blends For Food Applications

Different Xanthan Gum mesh size like 80,200 & 60


* Thickening Agent
* Versatile
* Cost Effective
* Adds Viscosity & Suspension
* Stabilizes Emulsions
* Kosher Certified


* Baked goods,Bakery & pie fillings
* Dressings
* Dry Mixes
* Frozen foods
* Retorted products,Syrups & Toppings
* Natraceutical gel
* Nutritional Bars
* Nutritional Beverages